Flash Friday: Newly Undead

30th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Newly Undead

“How’d you get here?” “Where do you think you are?” “I was at home, sleeping.” “You aren’t now.” “No, the cinnamon is gone and the blankets are too heavy.” “I brought you here.  Thought you would be safer.  It will be dawn soon.” “I have to go.  They’ll be worried.” “Worse if you walked outside.” […] Read More

Home Again

27th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Home Again

I spent the weekend in Chicago attending Unleashing the Power Within, a Tony Robbins seminar. It was an incredible weekend. In the aftermath, I have signed up for NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month, for those unfamiliar. What this means is I have committed to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. I haven’t decided anything […] Read More

Flash Friday: Apple

23rd October, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Apple

The flower bloomed softly, fading under an impatient eye. Slowly red burgeoned, swelling and round. Pulled roughly away before it chose to fall. Buffed earnestly on flannel shirt, before presented with his heart.  Her delicate fingers caressed only a moment before pearly teeth punctured the flesh. Juice, its lifeblood, ran down her chin as she […] Read More

Heading to Chicago

19th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Heading to Chicago

I’m going to Unleashing the Power Within in Chicago this weekend, so there won’t be much activity for a few days. Thought I’d give an update before I go. My flash fiction pieces have started posting, Friday’s will go up as scheduled while I’m gone. Since my last update  I have had Dream Child rejected; […] Read More

Flash Friday: Attic

16th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Attic

“Who are you?” “Sam. Who are you?” “Brian.” “Where are we?” “The attic.” “Who are they?” “Nobody.  They’re just there.  All the time.  They don’t say anything.” “What are they doing?” “Watching us.  See what we do.” “Is that door locked?” “Yes.  Locked and barred.  Windows, too.  No way out.” “What’ll we do?” “Nothing.  For […] Read More

Flash Friday: Dryad

9th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Dryad

The rough bark caught the light cotton of her dress. The sticky sap clung to her fingers and toes.  Twigs snared her hair and scratcher her bare arms. Leaves brushed her face like butterflies.  She climbed higher still, breathing in the deep earthy scent tinged with sweetness. The leaves rustled in the light wind, whispering […] Read More

Submission/Rejection Report

8th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Submission/Rejection Report

Since the last report, I’ve done the following: Submitted The Albion to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Sumbitted Say Goodbye to Flash Me Magazine. Submitted Samantha Reborn to flashquake. Submitted Twin Circles to Cicada Magazine. Had May 9th, 1999 rejected by Chiaroscuro. Had The Albino rejected by The Magazine of Fantasy & Science […] Read More

A Dozen Stories

4th October, 2009 - Comments Off on A Dozen Stories

Back in June, I said I wanted to have ten stories in rotation by the end of August. It took me longer than I estimated, but now, on the 4th of October, I have twelve stories out to market. I am incredibly excited by this and hope to keep this number growing.  Though I would […] Read More

Dragon Con Panel: Challenges for Today's Writers

4th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Dragon Con Panel: Challenges for Today's Writers

Challenges for Today’s Writers Elizabeth Donald, Christopher Golden, Gary Kim Hayes, Michael Stackpole, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jennifer St. Giles, S.M. Stirling Key Points The Market: Don’t chase the market, you’re already behind. Price is set by demand A Website is vital The anarchy created by new media will eventually settle down Ebooks can be any […] Read More

Social Networking Platform

3rd October, 2009 - Comments Off on Social Networking Platform

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about social networking lately, about building your online platform and getting an audience. I kept thinking things like “it’s too early” “I should have more publishing credits first” and “I don’t have the time.”   The truth is, I waste far more time online than I’m willing to admit, […] Read More

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