NaNoWriMo Fail

28th November, 2009 - Comments Off on NaNoWriMo Fail

I got some interesting story bits and characters. Doa and Tio definitely beg to be written about independently. They will probably be an upcoming Friday Flash piece before they become a full fledged story.  But I have failed at the writing of a novel this month. I have failed at making the necessary time to […] Read More

Flash Friday: Undead Love

27th November, 2009 - 2 Comments

“Where’ve you been?” “Out.” “Why didn’t you wake me?” “Wanted to be alone.” “You know that’s dangerous.” “So you say.” “I’m not lying to you.” “Whatever.  You’re scared of everyone.” “I…Wait. Where did you go?” “Nowhere.” “You went into the city to drink.” “Maybe.  I get thirsty.” “They could have seen you.  They could kill […] Read More

Flash Friday: Don Quixote

20th November, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Don Quixote

It’s not every day that you see an old man tilting with windmills. Nor one being followed by a young man on a donkey.  He strives for the nobility of an earlier age, for the honor of chivalry that never really was. His delusions cloak him in security while his young squire pays the price. […] Read More

Flash Friday: Dying

13th November, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Dying

“What is it?” “I dunno.” “Is it dead?” “I think it’s still moving.” “Don’t poke it.” “Just checking.” “Leave it alone.” “Don’t be a baby.” “Let’s go.” “Wait.  I think it’s just hurt.” “What’re you gonna do? Fix it?” “We could take it home.  Feed it.” “No, it’s gross.  Leave it to finish dying.” “We […] Read More

Mid-NaNo Update

12th November, 2009 - Comments Off on Mid-NaNo Update

Since my last update. Crow Spirit was rejected by Strange Horizons and submitted to Chiaroscuro. May 9th, 1999 was submitted to Strange Horizons. The Demon Within was rejected by Black Gate and submitted to Intergalactic Medicine Show. Dancing with Death was rejected by The Pedestal and submitted to and rejected by Greatest Uncommon Denominator. Last […] Read More

Flash Friday: Rain

6th November, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Rain

The sky turns gray, full of heavy clouds. First one drop falls, slipping through the air, to fall in a splash on the pond. Then the clouds unleash their weeping. Torrents of water rush to the earth, soaking everything they touch. Puddles form, deep and wide, for children to jump and splash in. The rivers […] Read More