Flash Friday: Fairy Lights

29th January, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Fairy Lights

“I see you there, fluttering in and out.” He waved an aged hand. “Come on, into the light with ye. No point staying out in the cold.” A small speck of light floated out of the darkness and landed on his knee. It sparkled cheerily and he laughed, picking it up and gently lifting it to his face. “Pretty little fairy, come to brighten an old man’s night?” Read More

Flash Friday: Fairy Circle

22nd January, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Fairy Circle

The fairies guarded the doorway. Everyone knew that. The doorway to the Other Realm was in the center of the clearing two miles from town, just before the waterfall. Every child old enough to walk knew where it was. But no one ever went there. Babes were taught from the cradle that the fey would steal their soul if they drew too close. Read More

Flash Friday: Dragon Meets Girl

15th January, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Dragon Meets Girl

A noise pierced her thoughts, claws scrapping on rocks. Big claws. She pressed herself against the cave wall, peering uselessly into the black. A gust of warm air rushed down the passage, filling her nostrils with the scent of smoke and rotted flesh. She trembled, sinking to the floor in a little ball, wishing she could turn herself invisible. Read More

Submission-Rejection Report

12th January, 2010 - Comments Off on Submission-Rejection Report

Last update was December 9th for those not following me on Twitter or Livejournal. Dancing with Death was rejected by the Four Horsemen Anthology. Long Drink and No Cheating were rejected by Flash Me Magazine. The Demon Within was submitted to Realms of Fantasy. Dragon Girl, Little Thief and Unforgettable were rejected by The Pedestal […] Read More

Flash Friday: Bridge Troll

8th January, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Bridge Troll

Three feet to go, one more step, when it finally appeared. The pass troll leapt up, landing between Keiren and the bridge. He stumbled back, clenching his sword with shaking hands. The troll just laughed, and the horrible noise echoed down the ravine. Read More

The Year Turns

2nd January, 2010 - Comments Off on The Year Turns

I made 37 submissions in 2009. 29 of them in the final three months of the year, after returning, inspired and renewed from DragonCon in Atlanta. Of the 37 submission, 29 have been rejected. I wrote a lot of new flash fiction this past year, 7 of which were submitted, and most of the rest […] Read More

Flash Friday: Red Ball

1st January, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Red Ball

“I don’t want this.” He tossed the red wooded ball back to the jester. “Of course you do, my boy. You just don’t know it, yet.” The clown dropped it into his empty cup. Read More