Back on the Wagon

27th March, 2010 - Comments Off on Back on the Wagon

Today I got organized. I set up the next two months of Flash Fridays, sorry I’ve been lax about that the last couple weeks. I noticed that a lot of the upcoming flash are tagged with “dead” or “death,” so just a warning, there are not many happy stories coming. I also prepared and submitted […] Read More

Flash Friday: Xander

12th March, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Xander

The boat rocked and heaved in the restless sea. The clouds above erupted with rain, lightning and thunder. The captain peered through the storm, hoping to see the rocks before they ran aground. Below deck, the men held tight to their bunks and prayed to any god they could think of, including a few they dared not name. Read More

Flash Friday: Princess Elizabeth

5th March, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Princess Elizabeth

The moon rose, casting a silver sheen over the garden. The rain had stopped, but tiny drops still clung to the roses. The pairing stones lining the path glistened and even the dirt smelled fresh. Princess Elizabeth walked the garden with her head back and her arms spread wide. She breathed the fragrance of the plants and gazed up at the moon. Read More