Flash Fiction: Long Drink

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The radio crackled, old horns and worn drums blared through the noise. Jakob stared at it, willing it into silence. He had just awoken and the world was falling asleep, all except that infernal box. Jesse woke beside him and pouted up at him.

“I like the old music. Makes me feel alive.”

“You’re dead, Jesse, we’re both long dead.”

He pulled himself to his feet and straightened his clothes. The night was just beginning and he was hungry. Jesse climbed to her feet and ran a hand through her hair. Not that it did any good, but it was an old habit, very old.

“Can we go to the movies?”
“No, you scare the children.”

“I promise I’ll be good this time. I won’t even go to a kid’s show.”

“Not tonight, I want to hit the clubs, I need more than a little drink tonight.”

“The clubs are noisier than the radio.” she muttered, but he pretended not to hear.

The went out into the night, arm in arm, just two young lovers out for a stroll. Downtown was packed full with clubbers and drinkers and people just trying to blow off steam. They headed for their favorite haunt – Galaxy. The swirling lights and constant pounding music pulled in the biggest crowd every night. They parted once the got inside, each hunting their own dinner.

Jakob stood just off the dance floor, eyes closed, mind searching. He brushed Jesse a few times, but pulled away. He wanted to find someone new, someone he had never met, never touched, never drank.

There was a couple in the corner, watching him. They were curious and attractive. Wondering why he stood so still while the music throbbed. He went to them, barely moving, seeming to float. This only intrigued them more. They welcomed him into their corner and their arms. Drunk and high, they touched his cold, smooth skin and ran fingers through his long black hair. He looked at them and they gazed into red eyes.

“Come with me.” He took their hands and led them deeper into the club, into a back corner booth.

He pulled them in on either side of him and they both kissed him. He kissed them back and their hunger rose to match his. They touched him and ran their hands over him, kissing his mouth, face and neck. He let their passion build, stroking them with care.

When they were gasping for breath, pressing against him, writhing with hunger, he gave in. He took the girl first, while holding the boy to his chest. He sank his teeth into her neck and drank while she groaned with ecstasy. Then he turned to the boy, kissing him tendering and then biting into his throat. He drained them both, and licked their wounds. It had been far too long since he had killed.

He cast about and found an impatient Jesse not far away. She was watching him, waiting for him to finish. She still wanted to see a movie, but they had bodies to hide, now. He waved her over and together they took the couple to their graveyard.

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