Flash Fiction: The List

21st May, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Fiction: The List

Her dagger slid into his ribs, clean and deadly. He fell to the ground with a shove, freeing her knife. She wiped it on his shirt and put it back in her boot. She hated rapists worst of all. Murderers left their victims in peace, which was more than this bastard deserved, but she had no taste for torture. She turned and headed for the street, stepping around the growing pool of blood. Sticking her hand in her pocket, she pulled out the list. Three down, two to go. It was a busy night for her, but they were all fairly straightforward. Most nights she only took two, maybe three, but tonight all five were for the same client and he did not want word to get around before they were all dead.

Next was a mile away, another rapist, older and fatter. She loaded her hand crossbow. This one she did not want to touch. Nearing his usual haunt, she took to the roof, gazing into the shadows and scanning the alleys. She spotted him exiting alone, but intent on a young couple. She tracked the trio away from the lights and when the couple turned the corner she shot. The bolt went through the back of his head and stuck out his left eye. He fell in his tracks and she was gone again.

Barely midnight and four kills in. She appreciated how specific her client had been with the details on these marks. Sometimes all she got were names. Those could take a week to track down. These five she had located easily the night before and soon the last one would be dead. It was almost like cheating.

The fifth was the only challenge on the list. The rest had been scoundrels of the lowest order, two common murderers and two rapists. Men who committed violence for pleasure, brutal men with no cunning. The last was a thinking man, an organizer of lesser men. She had no doubt he had directed the other four, though she never asked what they had done.

He had a house in the higher part of town, and a couple guards. She watched them from the opposite roof, but they never looked up. She went back down the block and crossed the street. Gaining the roof again, she was perched above their heads in moments.

She waited a little longer and then climbed down to the windows. Slipping a wire between the wooden frames, she lifted the inner latch and climbed inside. He did not stir as she closed the window behind her. She had a hand over his mouth and her knife to his throat before she realized he was already dead.

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