Flash Friday: Dead Eyes

28th May, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Dead Eyes

“What’ve you done?”

Sam looked up from his blood-stained hands and stared at the mouth that had uttered those words. He could not speak, only compare the red of the lips the red on his fingers. It was dry and faded, whereas the blood was still shiny and new. They moved again, but he did not hear it. He was staring at the body again.

He wanted a mirror, wanted to see what he had become, what those dry faded lips saw when they looked at him. He wiped his hands on the body’s pants, but not much came off. Then he got up and looked around, a glint of light at the end of the hall. He moved towards it, afraid, but deeply curious.

“What are you doing? Get back here!” The lips were screaming now but he did not care.

He stood in front of the mirror, a full-length, wall-filling glass. He saw nothing, no, that was not right – he saw his shape and form, his clothes, but when he looked at his own eyes there was nothing in them. No fear, no love, no alarm. It was like his mind was no longer connected to his face. He was feeling these emotions, he was sure of it, he had made himself walk down here, but the windows to his soul were broken.

The lips appeared at his shoulder, still screaming, and he looked up. Her eyes were full of emotion. Fear, anguish, even tears. When he looked into her eyes, the mouth stopped screaming. She looked back at him through the mirror, mouth open and then backed away. He kept looking at her, watching the terror grow until she broke and ran. At least she had stopped screaming.

He turned back to the room where he had left his father, rubbing his hands together to crack off the caked blood. The body was still there, but it was alone now. He wondered if he would have run if he had looked into his son’s eyes, even once in his miserable life.

He turned the body over, crossed the arms across the chest, and opened his eyes. Looking in, he nodded. His eyes looked like that now. Eyes of the dead. Fitting, he supposed, for people to look at him and see their future. He was death, now and forever. Or so he had been told the night before.

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