Flash Friday: No Cheating

7th May, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: No Cheating

The moon glistened through the damp pine trees, shedding glittering light on the path. Keri trudged on, one hand on her hilt, the other on her pack. She glanced about, casting looks behind her as often as ahead. Every rustle of brush or flap of wing drew her eye, but she did not stop moving. The sound of hoof beats sent her scrambling off the path.

She dove beneath some bushes, holding her breath as she stared down the road. A horse and rider came into view and rode past without pausing – a messenger by his saddlebags. Keri pulled herself out of the brush and kept on, scolding herself for paranoia.

They were out to get her though, she thought, patting the purse at her waist. It never paid to be too lucky in one place and she knew better than to overstay her welcome. She heard another horse, slower this time, and slipped off into the woods.

Hiding behind a tree, she watched him approach. He was walking his horse and studying the ground. Keri gripped her sword tighter. He reached the first place she had left the path, but barely paused. Coming even with her, he looked straight at the tree she was using for cover.

“You didn’t think you’d get away with it, did you, Keri? Come on, now, don’t be childish.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” She stayed put.

“You cheated at cards and used rigged dice.”

“No, I used the same dice as everyone else and I never even dealt the cards.”

“No one is that lucky.” He stepped off the path, drawing his sword. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be.”
“Stay away from me.” She pulled her sword and retreated further into the woods. “I’m not a cheater.”

“Come on, Keri. Just come back and give us the money you stole.” He came on.

“I didn’t steal anything.” He was gaining and knew she was not fast enough to outrun him.

“You did, and you’ll give it back, or I’ll take it.” His sword whistled through the air.

They were well off the path now. Keri sheathed her sword and he stepped forward. She bent down, pulling off her pack and set it on the ground. With a quick motion, she pulled her dagger from her boot and threw it dead center into his chest. He stiffened and fell.

Back on the road, she mounted his horse and road off. “Now I’ve stolen something, but he won’t need it anymore.”

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