Flash Friday: Samantha Reborn

25th December, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Samantha Reborn

The crackling of the fire was getting on his nerves. It was so distracting, the loud pops pulling his attention from the hut where his wife lay, screaming at irregular intervals. He wanted to be in there with her, to hold her and protect her, but the two women at the door would let no man pass. Read More

Flash Friday: Battle Born

18th December, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Battle Born

The baby was born amidst screaming and blood. A battle raged in the camp, a night attack from the hills. Men and women screamed, fought and died. Merina, hair a tangled mess, lay with the newborn Karena on her chest. Tired after their own ordeal, they both slept. Read More