Flash Friday: China Doll

3rd December, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: China Doll

The china doll lay on the sidewalk, a crack running from the right eye to the left corner of its jaw. The flickering fire danced shadow and light across its eyes. The once-white dress now covered in soot and blood – red and black, a funereal cloak. The sirens blared around the corner. Men jumped […] Read More

Flash Fiction: The List

21st May, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Fiction: The List

Her dagger slid into his ribs, clean and deadly. He fell to the ground with a shove, freeing her knife. She wiped it on his shirt and put it back in her boot. She hated rapists worst of all. Murderers left their victims in peace, which was more than this bastard deserved, but she had […] Read More

Flash Fiction: Say Goodbye

14th May, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Fiction: Say Goodbye

It was the same dream every night and she was beginning to grow weary of the argument. Slow drips of brackish water painted her vision black. She stepped back and revealed a window, where the drops collected. Turning, she knew he was waiting for her, in that dandruffy leather chair. “Come, sit with me by […] Read More

Flash Friday: No Cheating

7th May, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: No Cheating

The moon glistened through the damp pine trees, shedding glittering light on the path. Keri trudged on, one hand on her hilt, the other on her pack. She glanced about, casting looks behind her as often as ahead. Every rustle of brush or flap of wing drew her eye, but she did not stop moving. […] Read More

Flash Fiction: Long Drink

30th April, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Fiction: Long Drink

The radio crackled, old horns and worn drums blared through the noise. Jakob stared at it, willing it into silence. He had just awoken and the world was falling asleep, all except that infernal box. Jesse woke beside him and pouted up at him. “I like the old music. Makes me feel alive.” “You’re dead, […] Read More

Flash Fiction: Flight 1043

16th April, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Fiction: Flight 1043

Dear Mom, It won’t be long now. My assignment is almost over. I’ll be home before you know it. They guys are all talking about how they are going to spend their vacations. Most of them have girlfriends and some have wives they are eager to see. I can hardly wait to see you and […] Read More

Flash Friday: Dragon Girl

9th April, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Dragon Girl

The dragon swooped out of the sky, an inky blob plummeting from the clouds. The horses screamed in terror. Men froze in fear and awe. Black fire erupted through the camp as dragonsbreath seared the ground. Even the quartermaster could not keep the horses from snapping their leads and bolting in all directions. The dragon […] Read More

Flash Friday: Highway Robbers

19th February, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Highway Robbers

He paused outside the firelight, letting his eyes adjust. They were falling asleep now, sprawling on the ground in a stupor. Four men, all armed with swords and crossbows, useless now. The last one fell to snoring and Jakob struck. Read More

Flash Friday: Fairy Lights

29th January, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Fairy Lights

“I see you there, fluttering in and out.” He waved an aged hand. “Come on, into the light with ye. No point staying out in the cold.” A small speck of light floated out of the darkness and landed on his knee. It sparkled cheerily and he laughed, picking it up and gently lifting it to his face. “Pretty little fairy, come to brighten an old man’s night?” Read More

Flash Friday: Battle Born

18th December, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Battle Born

The baby was born amidst screaming and blood. A battle raged in the camp, a night attack from the hills. Men and women screamed, fought and died. Merina, hair a tangled mess, lay with the newborn Karena on her chest. Tired after their own ordeal, they both slept. Read More