The Year Turns

2nd January, 2010 - Comments Off on The Year Turns

I made 37 submissions in 2009. 29 of them in the final three months of the year, after returning, inspired and renewed from DragonCon in Atlanta. Of the 37 submission, 29 have been rejected. I wrote a lot of new flash fiction this past year, 7 of which were submitted, and most of the rest […] Read More

Dragon*Con Post 1

8th September, 2009 - Comments Off on Dragon*Con Post 1

The writing panels I attended at Dragon*Con this past weekend are as follows, the lists of authors and editors after each are the official lists from the program, I did not check against who actually showed up, but I think the lists are pretty much correct. I am still trying to organize all my notes […] Read More

More Work

15th August, 2009 - Comments Off on More Work

Finished reading my first blogging book, made some more invisible changes and a couple visible ones. Readers can now register here and leave comments, but can also still comment just by giving name and email address. I tried to order my navigation links, but that’s apparently not working quite right yet. I tried to take […] Read More