Long Time Gone

21st August, 2010 - Comments Off on Long Time Gone

I have not been active on the blog for some months. Life is complicated and my focus has turned in other directions. Click Here for more details on that. In the writing world, I’ve had a few more rejections and made a submission today. The Old Ones was rejected by The Pedestal Magazine on April […] Read More

Back on the Wagon

27th March, 2010 - Comments Off on Back on the Wagon

Today I got organized. I set up the next two months of Flash Fridays, sorry I’ve been lax about that the last couple weeks. I noticed that a lot of the upcoming flash are tagged with “dead” or “death,” so just a warning, there are not many happy stories coming. I also prepared and submitted […] Read More

The Year Turns

2nd January, 2010 - Comments Off on The Year Turns

I made 37 submissions in 2009. 29 of them in the final three months of the year, after returning, inspired and renewed from DragonCon in Atlanta. Of the 37 submission, 29 have been rejected. I wrote a lot of new flash fiction this past year, 7 of which were submitted, and most of the rest […] Read More

NaNoWriMo Fail

28th November, 2009 - Comments Off on NaNoWriMo Fail

I got some interesting story bits and characters. Doa and Tio definitely beg to be written about independently. They will probably be an upcoming Friday Flash piece before they become a full fledged story.  But I have failed at the writing of a novel this month. I have failed at making the necessary time to […] Read More

Submission/Rejection Report

8th October, 2009 - Comments Off on Submission/Rejection Report

Since the last report, I’ve done the following: Submitted The Albion to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Sumbitted Say Goodbye to Flash Me Magazine. Submitted Samantha Reborn to flashquake. Submitted Twin Circles to Cicada Magazine. Had May 9th, 1999 rejected by Chiaroscuro. Had The Albino rejected by The Magazine of Fantasy & Science […] Read More

Dragon Con Panel: How To Get Rejected

30th September, 2009 - Comments Off on Dragon Con Panel: How To Get Rejected

How to Get Rejected John C. Snider, Ginjer Buchanan, Bill Fawcett, Toni Weisskopf, Stephen H. Segal, Stacy Hague-Hill, Lou Anders Easy Rejections: Long cover letters Shaped manuscripts Pitching in costume Submit a marketing plan Spam submission Inappropriate topic Assuming familiarity Disrespect of genre Getting the editor’s name wrong Not understanding the genre Filthy submission Strange […] Read More

Submission/Rejection Report

26th September, 2009 - Comments Off on Submission/Rejection Report

I realized it had been a while since I’d mentioned where my stories were. I’ve been updating my News page, but here’s a summary of the past two weeks for the curious: Twin Circles was submitted to and rejected by Fantasy Magazine. Crow Spirit was submitted to Strange Horizons. Thirsty Dagger was submitted to Weird […] Read More


11th September, 2009 - Comments Off on Updates

Thirsty Dagger was rejected this morning by Fantasy Magazine. Tonight I submitted Twin Circles to them. I’m debating posting updates with each submission and rejection, or just updating my news page and every now and then posting a summary here. Read More


9th July, 2009 - Comments Off on Turnaround

I got a rejection letter from The Pedestal Magazine for Dream Child on Tuesday. I sent it out to Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show today. Yay for finding new markets recently. Have gotten some feedback on my narrative statement and some very good suggestions. Much more work to do on it. After that, research […] Read More


29th June, 2009 - Comments Off on Submission

So, I did it. I wrote a short story in about a week, typed it up today and put it in an envelope, to be taken to the post office shortly and put in the mail to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. It’s a strange little thing, only about 2300 words, about […] Read More