Flash Friday: No Cheating

7th May, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: No Cheating

The moon glistened through the damp pine trees, shedding glittering light on the path. Keri trudged on, one hand on her hilt, the other on her pack. She glanced about, casting looks behind her as often as ahead. Every rustle of brush or flap of wing drew her eye, but she did not stop moving. […] Read More

Flash Friday: Bridge Troll

8th January, 2010 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Bridge Troll

Three feet to go, one more step, when it finally appeared. The pass troll leapt up, landing between Keiren and the bridge. He stumbled back, clenching his sword with shaking hands. The troll just laughed, and the horrible noise echoed down the ravine. Read More

Flash Friday: Battle Born

18th December, 2009 - Comments Off on Flash Friday: Battle Born

The baby was born amidst screaming and blood. A battle raged in the camp, a night attack from the hills. Men and women screamed, fought and died. Merina, hair a tangled mess, lay with the newborn Karena on her chest. Tired after their own ordeal, they both slept. Read More